Samba Pos Comme

I'm in Paris right now. And just saw that I had a request to post this one. Which is also from France. Coming straight off the Neuilly label, on a library album entitled, In The Moog, here is Guy Boyer with his electronic rendition of a samba...


  1. Hello James !

    I saw you last sunday at villette sonique and i loved your set, I wanted to ask you if it s possible for you to give me the playlist of it ?

    For example a crazy classical sample on the kraftwerk instrumental or the reggae roots singing by the ladie voice !!

    Thanks in advance :D

  2. Haha, thanks!

    I don't have the playlist, but I think you are talking about 'Psycho' from Bernard Hermann, and 'Uptown Top Ranking' by Althea & Donna.