We Gather Together

Time for our second installment from the late, great Father Peter Scholtes, recorded in a basement of a Chicago parrish with a youth choir. The whole record is incredible. Trust me. Stand by for more in the coming weeks. 


  1. speaking of gathering, some disenfranchised earthlings have taken to a city square in madrid. things have been popping for a few days now - currently 23,000+ viewers watching on ustream. get gil scott-heron on the phone, it looks like the revolution might be televised: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/motionlook

    great track from father scholtes. he looks like gene hackman....if gene hackman had a deep emotional bond with fried chicken.

  2. 'Choose Life' is the superior cut off of this album, IMHO!

  3. I definitely agree with you, but I have to save some Scholtes goods for later! haha