Wood Grain

JUST got back from a successful Italian vacation, so sorry for the lack of updates. The last person to leave a comment on the blog requested more from the likes of "Big Moe" and "Big Tuck." Daniel, I've got you covered. I just put this one on a FACT Mix I recently did, but here is the song from Mr. Marcellus, A.C. Burna, Nicky 2 States, Prime Time, Pluck & Money Addict in it's full glory. None of the rappers have "Big" in the name, but so what? The song is heavy. Also, from a producer's perspective, the tune is an excellent example of utilizing the Poltergeist Theme to it's full potential.

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  1. RIIIIGHT !!! great track! though listening to your fact mix - I don't know what you think but i'd still vote for 'sippin codeine' ! thanks for this again!